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The woman behind the bear

Hi! I'm Charlotte Truant (Owner and founder of Social Bear Marketing).

I grew up in the Kootenays and love all the small local businesses. I like nothing better than seeing the small businesses in our areas flourish, and I want to help and be a part of it!

It's very important for businesses to get online these days. Especially with the big box stores coming up everywhere, its important to have your name out there. Times have changed. People don't go looking up business services and phone numbers up in the phone book anymore. Everyone has the internet in the palm of their hand and it's the first place locals look for anything now a days. This is an amazing opportunity for small businesses. You can now engage with your customers, and leave an impression before they even enter your front door.

Don't hide in the woods! Contact us for your free consultation, and we'll come up with a strategic way of presenting, and engaging with your customers online. Check out our List of Services.