**Please note all service is custom built to meet clients business needs**

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Youtube Social Media Management

Posts to your page include customized images, branded images, engaging images, blog links, vlogs links, and/or links to point of sale if applicable. 5-10 posts per week will keep your growing fan base fully engaged with the exact voice your brand calls for. 

Customized Facebook Page

Professionally designed Facebook timeline images and profile pictures to make your brand image pop and be seen in people’s newsfeed. 

Social Media Market Analysis

An in-depth social media market analysis in your business' niche, both internationally and in Canada, exploring what’s required for a successful social media campaign.

Strategy Session & 12 Month Tailored Social Media Strategy document

A full day with the your business' team members, we will create a customized 12 Month Social Media Strategy.  Included in this document will be a strategy showing how your business can successfully launch and implement a powerful social media campaign (or campaigns) over a 12-month period.  Included in this strategy is a full communication strategy with recommendations of how to deliver the business' message successfully in each platform and in each target market. 

Promotional Application Design, Build, Installation & Testing

Customized promotional application builds both likes and grows your email database.

Facebook Advertising

Advertising will run directly from Facebook to fans. Done the right way, advertising on Facebook is extremely effective at helping businesses achieve customers and sustaining engagement.  With advertising we’ll do a range of advertising (promoted posts, advertising which leads people directly to your website, and do sponsored stories and page promotion) to ensure highest return on investment for you

Website Development

We will design and build a professional, beautiful, and responsive website. Your website will be fully integrated with your Social Media Networks. 

Professional Business Photos

Professionally taken and edited photos of your business establishment, business products, and team.

Promotional Advertisements

Professionally designed business cards, menus, posters, gift cards etc... (Digital copy only - no printing services)